Clean Feet with Amazing PediBrush™ Foot Scrubber!


My name is Christian Klemash and I am the inventor of PediBrush? the Extra Long Foot Scrubber
with AnguFlex? Bristles

A few years ago I injured my back, making it impossible to clean my feet for weeks at a time when my back went out.  Not being a huge fan of stinky feet, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a foot scrubber, but couldn?t find a brush that was long enough.  The only scrubbers available were floor mat scrubbers, so I bought one.

But when I used it, it was awkward because you need to balance on one foot, while rubbing your other foot back & forth on the scrubber, which is an unnatural motion, and just doesn't feel right.  It was also difficult-to-nearly impossible to clean my ankles and the backs of my feet because floor mat scrubbers just don?t reach those areas (unless you are a contortionist!). 

Then, the most annoying thing happened, when my wife wanted to take a bath.  She "Does not want this disgusting foot scrubber stuck to the floor of the tub!" 

The scrubber had already begun to accumulate dirty water, soap scum and hair (from all parts of the body!).  So, she pulled it off the floor and put it in the corner of the bathroom.  This, of course, presented a huge problem because who wants to install/remove a foot scrubber on and off your tub floor every time you take a shower?      

At this point, PediBrush? was born. 

I knew I needed something long enough to reach my feet with ease.  So, PediBrush? is a full 30 inches long.

Then to make it easy to scrub the tops of your feet, the brush had to be angled AWAY from your body, just like your foot.  This way PediBrush? rests naturally on top of your feet and scrubbing is effortless.

Scrubbing IN-BETWEEN toes may be the most important area to clean so we designed AnguFlex? bristles, which are longer (1 ? inches) and angled in the front.  These AnguFlex? bristles slip right between toes and clean hard to reach areas quickly and thoroughly!

To clean feet bottoms, we made shorter (1/4 inch), compact bristles to scrub away ground-in dirt that gets pressed into the soles of your feet.

We also shaped the brush like a leg so it contours around your knee and makes it comfortable to use.

And lastly, we made PediBrush? lightweight (8 ounces) and durable, so it?s easy to handle and maneuver, but is strong enough to use over and over.

Once you PediBrush?, you?ll never want to clean your feet with a bar of soap again!

PediBrush?.  For Clean Feet, It Can?t Be Beat!


Copyright 2011


Inventor Christian Klemash